December 30, 1998
Last night Malhavok played and incredible set. Reunited with original drummer Nick Cipriano, the band played with renewed vigor and looked like they had a great time together.
December 18, 1998
YES! It has been confirmed. On December 29th there will be a show at John Henry's with Nick Cipriano on drums.
Check the Gigs page for details.
Also for that night only, Doug Jones (Malhavok, the Makai, Space 18) will be filling in on vocals and second guitar. Malhavok vocalist Billy Adair will be performing with another band, Thieve, that night. He says the physical demands of performance are too great to do both sets that night. He really gets into it...
December 1, 1998
Rumors have surfaced of a December show featuring original drummer Nick Cipriano. The gig will probably be around the end of the month so watch the Gigs page for details.
September 16, 1998
Malhavok played a low key show last night at John Henry's. Attendance was low due to the cancellation of the other three bands that were slated to appear. They hung in there though, and despite several technical difficulties the show went on.
September 07, 1998
Nick Cipriano is off to greener pastures. He started school at NYU this month and will obviously not be drumming with Malhavok any longer. The band wishes him the best of luck.
Guess what? That's right. Now the band is in search of a drummer. If your interested send a message.
Today I added some new guitar tabulature to the page. There is tabulature for Atrophy, Choking and Fetal Murder. You can find it on the Music page.
April 11, 1998
Elemental Records has denied Malhavok a spot in Sonic Explosion '98. To view the official 'It's not that you suck it's just that you suck' letter go here.
March 14, 1998
Malhavok have submitted a three song demo disc to Sonic Explosion. If accepted, the band will compete in a battle of the bands against some of the finest talent in the northwest. Stay tuned for more info.
March 11, 1998
Last night Malhavok Played an absolutely awesome show at Springfield's Hollywood Taxi. After a long set with much applause, the crowd begged for more. So they played three more tunes! Jerry filled in on bass so maybe this means he's back?
March 07, 1998
Malhavok is going to be included on a CD compilation of songs which showcase the technology of computers in music. Get more details in the MUSIC section.
The search for a bass player may be over (hoo-ray!). Though the band were disappointed when Greg Christian (ex-Testament) was unavailable, their spirits were soon lifted when they learned Jerry (the race car driver?) would be returning to the band soon. Stay tuned for details.
February 18, 1998
The third annual Sonic Explosion is coming! SE is a battle of the bands put on by Elemental records. The winner gets a recording contract (yippee). Entry deadline is sometime in March so expect that demo disc to be done by then. Also, look for more real audio previews in the coming month.
Ever dream of being the bass player of a metal band?
February 04, 1998
The demo disc is nearing completion! Expect it by mid April, May or June...
Still looking for that ever elusive bass player.
January 25, 1998
Rumour Mill - Rumour has it that Jerry is thinking of returning to the band sooner than expected. Keep your fingers crossed!
Applications are still being taken for the bass player position. Jerry's early return is still just a rumor after all.
January 15, 1998
Congratulations! After several inspiring auditions Malhavok have been joined by vocalist Billy Adair.
The Search for a bassist continues.
December 21, 1997
Bassist Jerry's wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl today. They have named her Samantha. Jerry will be taking time off from Malhavok for a while to spend more time with his new family.

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