December 20, 1999
Blood on the Dance Flo' has been added to the POD studio section of this site. Get juicy details on the recording of this twisted tune.
December 12, 1999
Eureka! A discovery has been made. While working in the studio Malhavok unearthed some tracks that were recorded over three years ago. Inspired by this amazing find the band quickly devoted some attention to finishing the tracking and mixing of this gem. So it is with pleasure that I announce the release of the Malhavok Thrash version of the classic tune Twist and Shout. The first tracks for this song were recorded when the band started fooling around during the Never demo sessions. Don't miss it on the Music page.
November 09, 1999
The TI44K Remix of Atrophy has been added to mp3.com
October 26, 1999
Malhavok have put up a page on IUMA. That adds another place you can get mp3s of the band. The preferred mp3 site is still at mp3.com
October 11, 1999
Malhavok played another excellent set last night when they had the oppurtunity to warm up the crowd for the all out assault of Gift Given Curse.
October 7, 1999
A new song has been uploaded. Check out a Real Audio of Blood on the Dance Flo' in the music section.
October 5, 1999
Malhavok have opened an mp3.com site! Check it out at http://www.mp3.com/malhavok. Selections will continue to be uploaded over the next few days. Many of you have been requesting mp3's of the bands material. Now you can get them.
September 19, 1999
Malhavok are very close to releasing the tentatively titled Blood on the Dance Flo' single for the upcoming P13KBPM project. We will have a Real audio up on the Music page as soon as the mix is finished. This track finds the band mixing there traditionally based thrash experience with a little more dance oriented beat. Keep your ears open for more!
September 7, 1999
Malhavok is participating in a project titled "That Incessant 4/4 Kick". A special dance remix of Atrophy has been submitted. Get the .mp3 at the official TI44K web site. Of course you can find a Real Audio of the Atrophy TI44k Remix in the Music section of the site. Of special note to POD users: The entire mix of Atrophy - TI44K is just drums and guitar played through the POD. Check it out to see some of the things Ben is doing with the POD.
August 31,1999
Check out the new gear pages. Access them through the Bio page by clicking on the links of the gear names. The only gear sections now are for the POD and the Ibanez Universe UV777BK but we hope to get some great pages up for all the gear. The POD section will be of special interest to other users of this great piece of gear as it has access to hundreds of patches for download. Check it out!!!
August 23, 1999
The album is reportedly getting closer to being finished. Watch the studio page for updates on progress.
July 15, 1999
Malhavok did their radio spot last night on KWVA 88.1 FM. They played well and several listeners called to voice their appreciation of the music. The sound was very raw and the band played tightly. We will get some real audio and photos up from the radio show soon.
July 12, 1999
Gift Given Curse has canceled for the show on July 17th at John Henry's. That leaves four bands on the bill.
July 10, 1999
The set list has been confirmed for the July 17th show. The final list is Malhavok, Thieve, Gift Given Curse, Throat, and Necrosluts. Don't miss this exciting Saturday evening at John Henry's.
July 5, 1999
Malhavok will be on the air at KWVA on Wednesday July 14th. Listen between the hours of 10pm and Midnight to hear the band talking about the upcoming show and maybe spinnig a few tunes or even performing live on the air.
June 28, 1999
The next show has just been announced. On the bill are Malhavok (of course!) and Theive. Moth, Nefaria, HC Minds, Gift Given Curse, and Necrosluts are other bands which are rumoured to possibly be on the bill. We should be able to confirm some of these bands by the 30th. We'll keep you posted of course.
May 18, 1999
Malhavok's drummer Nick Cipriano has returned for the summer. Expect to see the band doing a couple of shows over the next few months with him. They are very excited to get out and play some gigs as the shows are much better with Nick in person than via satellite.
May 4, 1999
Last night Malhavok played a show opening for Slag (formerly Space 18). Both bands played very well. Once again, Nick had to participate by drumming 'via satellite' as he is still in New York until May 13th.
March 16, 1999
The next showdate has been confirmed for March 29th at John Henry's. Necrosluts, Nefaria, the Dark, Space 18, and Forgotten Loss are other bands rumored to be on the bill.
Jan 31, 1999
Last nights show went well. The show was a tribute show with six bands playing songs by the bands that inspired them. Malhavok played: Tie Your Mother Down by Queen, We Can Work It Out by the Beatles, This Love by Pantera, and a mighty Metallica medley consisting of ...And Justice For All, Master Of Puppets, Trapped Under Ice, and Seek And Destroy. Check out the Music page for a Real Audio of We Can Work It Out.
Jan 2, 1999
The new year has begun! What does this year hold for Malhavok? Hopefully the CD will see the light of day this summer. In addition, Malhavok are involved in a show on January 30th which will be a tribute show. Five heavy bands paying homage to the musicians who influenced them. The bands will be playing the songs that most touched them and helped in their decision to become musicians.

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