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Welcome to the POD studio. Here you will get some information on how Malhavok is using POD in the studio and be able to download their patches and try them for yourself. Click on the button to listen to the track using the free Real Player. Don't forget to check out the Music section for other great tunes.

Basic Mastering Techniques - A tutorial covering basic mastering techniques using Waves plugins. (updated and moved to my new site)

Blood on the Dance Flo': (added 12/20/99)

The Patches - Download

Guitar 1 - '94 Mesa Boogie Trem-o-verb through 4x12 POD custom cab. I used the bridge pickup of my UV7P to play this patch which is panned slightly to the left in the mix. Both rhythm guitars have EQ and further sonic modeling happening at mixdown. I ran both rhythm parts through Sonic Foundry's Acoustic Modeler and applied the sonic characteristics of a ribbon microphone. For the funky breakdown section in the middle the global wah of POD was switched on. I just hit the switch in SoundDiver. There is no sweeping happening. I simply used it as a filter to alter the sound during that section.

Guitar 2 - '95 Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Head through 4x12 POD custom cab. I used the bridge pickup of my UV7P on this rhythm guitar track which can be heard coming from more from the right side of the mix. It has the same mixdown processing as described above for the patch 'Guitar 1'.

Solo Fill - '59 Fender Bassman through 4x10 Bassman cab. For the little lead call and harmony bit at the end of the funky break I played through this patch. These two guitar parts had no further processing at the mixdown.

Vocals - Tube Preamp with no cab emulation. We recorded the lead vocals for this track with an SM-57 into POD with this setting. The vocals received heavy processing during various stages of the mix.

Chug Wah FX Loop - Tube Preamp through 1x12 Flextone cab. At the end of the song you can hear a guitar track fading in slightly with a really nasty tone quality. POD was placed in an AUX loop and I altered the wah setting as the new signal was being recorded. This process was applied to copies the two rhythm guitar tracks during this section. It fades in slowly. It was done berfore the other tracks were altered and no other processing was applied. I guess it goes to show that POD can make really bad sounds too.

Twist and Shout: (added 12/12/99)

The Patches - Download

Rhythm Guitar - '94 Mesa Boogie Trem-o-verb through 4x12 POD custom cab. I used the bridge pickup of my UV7P to track this rhythm part four times in unison. The four tracks are panned at 9:00, 10:30, 1:30, and 3:00. This patch is saved dry (no effects) but I would switch the slight reverb on to play this live. The reverb effect is very subtle but will fill out the sound enough to play with one guitar. There is some slight EQ and compression added during the mixdown.

Guitar Solo 1 - '63 Vox AC-30 TB through 1x8 '60 Fender Tweed cab. This guitar solo pretty well matches the one played on the Beatles version of this classic tune. I used the 1x8 cab to keep the sound fairly bright. The middle single coil of my UV777BK added to the spankiness. This track was also recorded dry. You can turn the reverb and delay of POD on to the included settings to get the sound that I used while tweaking in this patch. I typically tweak the patches in using POD's internal effects and then record all tracks dry with just air and cab sim. Studio effects are added later.

Guitar Outro Solo - '89 Soldano Rackmount through 4x12 POD custom cab. Bridge pickup of my UV777BK helped me conjure up these creamy tones. The track features studio reverb but you can kick on the POD reverb to get close.

Bass DI - '59 Bassman through 4x12 POD custom cab. An Ibanez EXB-445 bass is used on this track. It's a five string instrument with a Carvin pickup in the bridge position. POD's onboard compression was used on this track at 4:1. During mixdown we added a bit more compression and enhanced the bass frequencies. There is also some mid shaping to give the track a bit more character.

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