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Malhavok is currently working on recording their first full length album. Untitled at this time, the disc will probably contain eight songs for approximately an hour of music. The band is taking the mammoth project head on and doing all the work themselves. They have put together a modest, yet impressive, studio. Some of the equipment being used to record the disc: Mackie 24-8, Mackie 1202-VLZ, Celeron 1000MHz running SAWStudio (144 track platform), Guillemot ISIS and Echo Mia I/O Hardware, Event 20/20 Monitors, Carvin HT150 power amp, Shure SM57's SM58's and Beta Green 4.0, AKG D-112, and C3000B, CAD Equitek E100.

You can see some pictures of Malhavok's Studio 'Fetal Music' in the Studio Pics section of the Pics page.

Nick's TAMA Kit

April 25 - 26, 1998: Nick and Ben embarked on an ambitious drum recording session. Nick played his drums for approximately eight hours straight on each of these days. They now have over 3.6 gigabytes of drum tracks recorded on the studio computer. This gives them two to four 'keeper' takes of drums to choose from in the production of the upcoming CD. Nick's drumming was so intense during the tracking of Choking that he had to pause between each take to re-tune his drums.

August 21, 1998: The drum tracks are nearing completion. Nick and Ben are nearly finished sorting through the drum takes to find the keepers. Once that process has been completed the next phase will begin, recording the guitars...

November 18, 1998: Completion of a dedicated studio is approaching! That's right. Malhavok have temporarily postponed the recording process to build a real studio space (well, as close as they're going to get anyway). When it is completed we will try to put some pictures online for all to enjoy...

January 25, 1999: Well, the studio is completed. Malhavok have christened the new studio by recording their own special version of the Beatles tune 'We Can Work It Out'. Check it out on the Music page. Hopefully this marks the begginning of the recording process to finish the album. Look for some studio pics soon.

June 20, 1999: Rhythm guitars are almost completely done. A few sections still need a little polishing but overall that step is out of the way. Some of the bass tracks have been finished as well. Vocal sessions should start soon. Overall, the band seem to be right on schedule to finish the CD for a fall 1999 release!

July 30, 1999: Bass tracks near completion. A few vocal takes have been cut. A fall release may not happen but around Christmas looks promising.

Twist and Shout Mix

October 3, 1999: Malhavok have been busy in the studio. A short diversion from working on the album has given the band time to complete a new track. Blood on the Dance Flo' was written, recorded, and mixed in just under two weeks. It is unclear at this time whether or not the new track will appear on the upcoming album. Check it out now at in the Music section!

December 12, 1999: Today Malhavok finished up the mixing of Twist and Shout. Drums for this track were recorded in 1996 during the tracking sessions for the Never demo. Guitars and bass were updated and vocals were added early this month when the band unearthed these ancient tracks. Don't miss Ben's debut as backup vocalist and Billy taking an entirely new approach to singing. Check it out in the Music section. You can also get some insight into the recording process at the POD Studio.

September 7, 2000: Vocal recording has been in full force since July. About half the takes are complete. Once the vocals are finished the only thing left will be the mixing. The band is shooting to wrap things up around Christmas time. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Atrophy Mix

October 16, 2000: Malhavok are still working feverishly on completing the album tracks. But they also are working on their own version of the classic Beatles tune 'Yellow Submarine'. Nick is providing the drums from New York while the rest of the song is being recorded at the studio in Oregon. It will be posted to the Music section when it's finished.

June 20, 2002: Well, it's finally happening. The final mix for Atrophy has been done. See the proof on the left! Work on the mix for Fetal Murder has begun. If all goes according to plan, the album will be done by the end of July. It's really actually happening this time, no, I mean really happening!!!

March 5, 2003: Quick update on what's happening. The mixes for Atrophy, Fetal Murder and User are done. Check them out on the Music page or at the new MP3 Site. The mix for Judgement is about 90% done. Look for it by the end of the month.

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